Britain’s Prince Andrew, from dashing pilot to sex offender’s buddy

Britain’s Prince Andrew, from dashing pilot to sex offender’s buddy

LONDON (Reuters) – When feted being a dashing young army officer, Britain’s Prince Andrew’s reputation came into existence overshadowed by accusations about their sex life and excess that is royal.

On Wednesday, he stepped down from general general general public duties within the debate surrounding their association with belated U.S. Financier and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Their move adopted A tv that is disastrous aired on Saturday by which he offered a rambling description of their actions and revealed an obvious not enough compassion for Epstein’s victims.

Check out known factual statements about their life:

– Andrew came to be at Buckingham Palace on Feb. 19, 1960. Like their dad and older sibling Charles, he went to the actually rigorous Gordonstoun personal college in Scotland before you go to your Dartmouth naval academy in 1979.

– as being a man that is young had been a popular royal, acclaimed by the news for their active service as being a helicopter pilot within the 1982 Falklands War with Argentina. He sailed aided by the aircraft provider HMS Invincible, traveling anti-submarine and transportation duties.

– He obtained the nickname ”Randy Andy” for his courting of glamorous girlfriends, including U.S. Actress Koo Stark.

– The as soon as second-in-line towards the throne dropped within the public’s love as he slipped later on of succession, their reputation had become sullied by accusations of the luxurious playboy lifestyle funded by the taxpayer.

– He married Sarah Ferguson in 1986. She had been frequently pilloried because of the press that is british. Their mansion, something special through the queen built when you look at the design of a ranch that is american received ridicule – dubbed “South York” due to similarities up to a ranch through the U.S.

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